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Karen Anderson—A Search Study

Karen Anderson, two years behind us, was arguably Lansdowne-Aldan’s most famous alumna. (I am not implying fame is a measure of life’s success. It is just a fact like any other.) She became famous as a javelin thrower first in … Continue reading

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The Kamasutra

“A Fresh Look at India’s Erotic Classic,” by Wendy Doniger. The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/2016. Ms. Doniger published a book back in March titled “Redeeming the Kamasutra,” so she knows what she is talking about. I have never even seen … Continue reading

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More on Seneca

“Captain of Her Soul,” by Ratchel Aviv. The New Yorker, 7/25/2016. Posting “Motto Mystery Solved (Almost),” 5/29/2007. The Roman philosopher Seneca, author of our school motto, “To teach the art of living well,” ended each day by reflecting on his … Continue reading

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Chaos On the Ocean City Boardwalk and Streets of China

The Ocean City boardwalk is divided up into four designated lanes: Runners, Bicycles, Surreys, and Pedestrians. The streets in China’s cities are divided into three lanes: Cars, Bicycles/Motor Scooters, and Pedestrians. In both, only a few pay any attention to … Continue reading

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We’re Talking Billions

Mark Zukerberg announced he and his wife will donate 99% of their Facebook stock to charity over their lifetimes. The stock is now valued at $45 billion. Warren Buffett has given away over $20 billion. Even with the tax deductions, … Continue reading

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Movie Music

“Music in the Key of America,” by Peggy Noonan. The Wall Street Journal, 11/28/2015. I always look forward to reading Peggy Noonan’s political column in Saturday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. (You can also read them on her website, … Continue reading

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Cement Attic Floors

Many Longwood Gardens employees and volunteers who have access to the nooks and crannies of the Peirce–du Pont House are puzzled to find a cement floor in the south attic over the old part built by the Peirces in 1730. … Continue reading

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Leaving a Comment

I’ll be upfront with you. I don’t know how a comment on a posting works, and I don’t have the interest to find out. Leave a comment and you may see it displayed or you may not. I have no … Continue reading

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Satisfaction of Housework

I think I missed my calling. I would have enjoyed being a nurse. Or a housewife. There is deep pleasure in walking out of a room knowing the person in there is clean, fed, and comfortable. If that person is … Continue reading

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The Futility of Lawns

“On mowing: ‘Grass always disappoints,’” by Moira Sheridan. The News Journal (Delaware), 7/7/2016. I have known Moira for many years from when she first moved to Delaware, back when we were both young and good looking. She frequently swam at … Continue reading

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