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Leaving a Comment

I’ll be upfront with you. I don’t know how a comment on a posting works, and I don’t have the interest to find out. Leave a comment and you may see it displayed or you may not. I have no … Continue reading

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Satisfaction of Housework

I think I missed my calling. I would have enjoyed being a nurse. Or a housewife. There is deep pleasure in walking out of a room knowing the person in there is clean, fed, and comfortable. If that person is … Continue reading

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The Futility of Lawns

“On mowing: ‘Grass always disappoints,’” by Moira Sheridan. The News Journal (Delaware), 7/7/2016. I have known Moira for many years from when she first moved to Delaware, back when we were both young and good looking. She frequently swam at … Continue reading

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About 20 years ago when I was still a young man in my late 50s, I got to know Mitch, as I’ll call him, a guy about 10 years older than me. He was long a widower, but one day … Continue reading

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Doctor God Is Dead

“Give It To Me Straight, Doc.” by Brendan Reilly (Book review of “Snowball in a Blizzard” by Dr. Steven Hatch). The Wall Street Journal, 3/15/2016. Once upon a time, we stayed in bed waiting for the doctor to arrive with … Continue reading

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Senior Moments

“Don’t Speak, Memory,” by Michael S. Roth. A book review of “In Praise of Forgetting,” by David Rieff. The Wall Street Journal, 6/27/2016. Ah, those senior moments: “Why did I come down here to the basement?” “What was the name … Continue reading

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