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Comma Wars From a Toe Checker

“Holy Writ” by Mary Norris. The New Yorker, 2/23/2015. From humble beginnings as a toe checker, Mary Norris became a long-time copy editor at The New Yorker. In times that I remember well, her first job at age 15 was … Continue reading

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Punctuality, And Lack Thereof

“Better Late Than . . . No, Just Better Late,” by Joe Queenan. The Wall Street Journal, 2/21/2015. My wonderful wife is always on time, never, never late, even if it means driving around the block several times before  a … Continue reading

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The Fountain of Youth

A few women in our Senior Center stand out because they look so amazingly young. They must be in their 70s, but could easily pass for 50. My “Ah-ha” moment came after a conversation with one of them. As we … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Ideal Age

For a long time, I proclaimed the ideal age for a woman is in her early 30s. They are still attractive and know their place in life, know their likes and dislikes, are more aware, more interesting. But I said … Continue reading

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A distinguished cardiac surgeon about to retire decided to write a book on the history of medicine. He asked an author friend if she had any tips for him.  “Sure, I’ll be glad to help,” she said.  “I’m about to … Continue reading

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Fecal Transplants

“The Excrement Experiment” by Emily Eakin. The New Yorker, December 1, 2014. Crohn’s disease is a nasty, chronic inflammatory bowel disease that destroys the lining of the digestive tract. It is an autoimmune disease. As many as seven hundred thousand … Continue reading

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Ocean City Webcams

New, HD, full-screen, live webcams have begun for Ocean City, Atlantic City, Margate, Sea Isle City, Avalon, and Cape May, over 30 cameras in all, and most of them are in Ocean City. It looks like the work is still … Continue reading

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I’m Watching You, Soup People

Progresso soup has been running ads showing people communicating with cans and string. That caught my attention because I, too, have used this method (over 70 years ago), and I know the string has to be tight. Their string is … Continue reading

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Rethinking LSD and Psilocybin Psychedelics

“The Trip Treatment” by Michael Pollin. The New Yorker, 2/9/2015. As the end of life approaches, many are gripped with a tangible fear of the unknown and of the physical suffering that may precede the transition. Some with strong religious … Continue reading

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Blog Cleanup

When I began this blog ten years ago, it was hosted by Microsoft, the only free service I knew of. Within a year or two, they got out of the web hosting business and transferred everything to WordPress. The format … Continue reading

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