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I’m Watching You, Soup People

Progresso soup has been running ads showing people communicating with cans and string. That caught my attention because I, too, have used this method (over 70 years ago), and I know the string has to be tight. Their string is … Continue reading

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Rethinking LSD and Psilocybin Psychedelics

“The Trip Treatment” by Michael Pollin. The New Yorker, 2/9/2015. As the end of life approaches, many are gripped with a tangible fear of the unknown and of the physical suffering that may precede the transition. Some with strong religious … Continue reading

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Blog Cleanup

When I began this blog ten years ago, it was hosted by Microsoft, the only free service I knew of. Within a year or two, they got out of the web hosting business and transferred everything to WordPress. The format … Continue reading

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Mrs. Hughes of Downton Abbey

Here is a photo of actress Phyllis Logan who plays Mrs. Hughes on Downton Abbey. Whoa, what an actress! No further comment needed.  

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Super Bowl Ads and Downton Abbey

As sure as night follows day, articles discussing the Super Bowl ads appear almost as soon as the game ends. People love to compare the merits of the new ads, but never mention the huge number of old, dumb ones … Continue reading

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Rodent Overpopulation

“John B. Calhoun,” Wikipedia Rat colonies are known to adjust their populations according to the food supply. When food is plentiful, they have larger and more frequent liters. When food is scarce, fewer pups are produced. What would happen, someone … Continue reading

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