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Mug Shots

Who would ever smile when their photograph is taken by the police?  Turns out, some do.  It doesn’t happen often, but often enough to be noticeable.  Recently in our local paper, a health-care worker was arrested for stealing narcotics from … Continue reading

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The Lansdowne Portrait

This famous portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart is called “The Lansdowne Portrait” because it had been commissioned as a gift for England’s Marquis of Lansdowne, an American sympathizer.  It was very popular and a good part of Stuart’s … Continue reading

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A Quirky Web Site

A new web site,, has the ambitious goal of supplying information and doing calculations on what it guesses you want to know.  This is difficult to describe—it is primarily for engineering and scientific calculations—but the site suggests some simple … Continue reading

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Remembering China

After a nonstop flight from Toronto that seems to never end, it finally does and we emerge from the jetway into the huge, new Beijing Airport.  The late afternoon sun shines brightly through the soaring, sweeping glass roof high overhead.  … Continue reading

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Exploring Philadelphia: PATCO

Yesterday my goal was to learn to use PATCO, the authority that runs the little train that goes between Camden and Philadelphia over the Ben Franklin Bridge.  Why would anyone want to go to Camden?  To find that answer was … Continue reading

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