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More on the Woodlands

By pure chance, just days after I posted the recent blog on my visit to Woodlands Cemetery (September 24), the Philadelphia Inquire (September 27) ran a full-page spread on a new book by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things, … Continue reading

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Marzetti Casserole

Back in my days at Penn State, I lived for one year at a Quaker co-op where we shared the cooking chores, and I learned this simple recipe.  Everyone likes it, college students, kids, the elderly, everyone. I understand it … Continue reading

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Woodlands Cemetery and the Legacy of Longwood Gardens

My second trip to Woodlands Cemetery was especially successful (see posting of 8/25/2013).  Not only was the gate open, I just happened to pick a Wednesday which was the only day they have tours of the Hamilton Mansion.  I was … Continue reading

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Girl Code

My hands-down, favorite TV program is MTV’s Girl Code.  I will switch away from almost anything else to watch it. The girl cast members are given a topic effecting the sisterhood, and each comments one at a time on a … Continue reading

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Twerking is another new word that has been popping up in my reading lately.  Could it be something like “tweeting?”   Once again, it was Google to the rescue, and boy, was I ever far off.  Twerking is nothing like tweeting … Continue reading

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I kept coming across the term “selfie” that was somehow connected to the narcissism of the new generation.  But what could it be? Google to the rescue!  A selfie is photo taken of oneself, usually with a camera, tablet, or … Continue reading

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Shoelace Tying

Never too old to learn.  After tying my own shoes for over 70 years, I found a better way and am now doing it differently.  It is all part of learning “the art of living well.” I first came across … Continue reading

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