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School Motto–One Last Time

On our first day as freshmen, someone should have taken us out on the school’s front patio, pointed up to our school motto, “To teach the art of living well,” and explained it. It could have gone something like this— … Continue reading

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Naming Lansdowne

Nancy Musser lent me a 1968 booklet commemorating Lansdowne’s 75th anniversary. Not only does it discuss the history of Lansdowne, but the booklet itself is historic. The advertisement for Harrison Clothing lists their phone number as Madison 3-7648, back when … Continue reading

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Talking Philadelphian

Last week our local TV news reported a Philadelphia sink hole that opened up from a broken water main. “I was just standing there on the payment when it opened up,” said a woman eyewitness. “The payment fell in an’ … Continue reading

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More Mini-Reunion

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures from the mini-reunion. The one of the teenagers in the water was taken from the Music Pier where we had gathered. The water was 70 degrees, unusually warm. The five of us looking out … Continue reading

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2007 Mini-Reunion (53rd)

What more could you ask of a day at the shore? The boardwalk was surprisingly full of families and out-of-school teenagers, all in full vacation mode, yet traffic and parking were nowhere near the problem they will become in a … Continue reading

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Old Photo

Here is a picture from the 1951 Lahian showing Marilyn Fox, who we all recognize, but who is the guy kissing her? I know because I read the caption, but I wouldn’t have guessed him. They are in a classroom … Continue reading

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