2007 Mini-Reunion (53rd)

What more could you ask of a day at the shore? The boardwalk was surprisingly full of families and out-of-school teenagers, all in full vacation mode, yet traffic and parking were nowhere near the problem they will become in a few weeks. Despite scattered thundershowers in the Philadelphia area, our weather was perfect with full sun and moderate temperatures. There was even a good number of people in the water (but not us).

The first high point was seeing Ralph Russo and his wife, especially for me since we both go back to East Lansdowne grammar school. Ralph could not be found for our Fiftieth, so we all had a lot to tell each other. Nancy Musser was still able to pull out old clippings for most of the afternoon, but also learned some very interesting information from Ralph about a former classmate (maybe you).

The next high point was seeing Paul Grexa again, who was also missing from the Fiftieth. Jerry Jerome knew he had a second home in Ocean City and called him from the boardwalk. He and his wife met us for dinner at a back-street restaurant with an outdoor dining area that was perfect for the good weather. (Paul and his wife, Edna, are seated first on the left in the dinner photo, but anyone would still recognize Paul.) We could even walk to the restaurant, and it turns out Paul has played volleyball with my son and daughter-in-law in Wilmington without realizing the connection.

We continued our relaxing conversations long after we finished eating because there were no other waiting customers so early in the season.

We then split up. Since Ralph and his wife were visiting his son right in Ocean City, and Paul and his wife live there, they went home. We, Nancy, the Wests and the Jeromes walked back to the boardwalk to talk and people-watch until 10 pm.  The final drive home was actually pleasant without the normal shore traffic.

June 11 at Ocean City has been a great pick. (Double click on the photos to enlarge.)


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