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“Leaning In,” by Mindy Kaling.  The New Yorker, 5/20/2013 A recent issue of The New Yorker was devoted to articles on innovation.  That issue also had several short pieces called “Imagined Inventions,” inventions that would be nice to have if … Continue reading

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I was visiting my elderly father in his retirement condo in Florida about 15 years ago. (The same community where, by coincidence, Jean Williamson’s parents, Coit and Mary, lived.  Jean lived nearby, and I often saw all three of them … Continue reading

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Gimpel the Fool

I first became aware of Isaac Bashevis Singer from his short stories published for many years in The New Yorker magazine.  In 1978 he won the Nobel Prize for literature, and I was surprised that he was so well known. … Continue reading

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Children, grandchildren, almost inevitably disappoint through no fault of their own.  When they are young, we jump on the tiniest interest or skill as portending fame and fortune.  See how well she draws?  Surely she will be a famous artist … Continue reading

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Family Photographs

Once a year, my mother would dress up my sister and me in our Sunday clothes and take us to 69th Street’s Frank & Cedar department store to have our portrait taken.  The 8×10 photo would be placed in a … Continue reading

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Empty Adjectives

The website of the Philadelphia Inquire had an interesting article by Erika Ettin, a woman who makes a living by writing dating profiles for those who are sexy, witty, and funny, but not good writers.  She will also help them … Continue reading

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Alfred I. du Pont’s Carillon

This is the plaque attached to the memorial carillon mentioned in the May 2 posting, The Sad Life of Alfred I. du Pont.  (Alfred’s father was the grandson of the founder of the DuPont company with the same name.  Both … Continue reading

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