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Fats Domino and the Fallacy of Memory

When I saw in our newspaper that Fats Domino turned 85, I did a Google search on him.  Eighty-five is an unusually old age for someone who was always known as “Fats.” The latest photo of him I could find … Continue reading

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Outdoor Sleeping

Did your mother believe in the value of fresh air?  Did she insist you spend some of your playtime outside?  Did she open your bedroom window at least a little at night, even in the coldest weather?  Of course she … Continue reading

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Septuagenarian Sleep Patterns

Back in my days at Penn State, a nap was an organized, planned activity.  “What are you doing tomorrow?” might be answered with, “I have a morning lab from 8 to 10, then back to the dorm to sleep till … Continue reading

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Duck and Cover

Back in the 1950s when nuclear war was thought to be a real possibility, we were all taught in school to “duck and cover” at the first flash, to dive under our desks and cover our heads with our arms.  … Continue reading

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I do not usually like magic demonstrations.  Fooling me is too easy; almost anybody can do it.  But I enjoyed a recent one on TED (see November 23 posting) because it was not primarily to fool, but to illustrate a … Continue reading

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Shrinking Ice Cream

Do you remember how big half-gallon ice cream containers used to be?  I bet you don’t because you haven’t seen one for a long time.  But Costco’s Kirkland ice cream is still sold in full half-gallons and they look huge.  … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera

After I read our local newspaper in the morning, I move on to the news sources on my computer.  They are all grouped in one folder that I “open all in tabs” with one keystroke. The first one I read … Continue reading

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