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Dumbing Down in Kentucky

Kentucky is considering adopting as its state slogan, “Kentucky kicks ass.”   I hasten to add this is only being proposed, and many dumb things get proposed at state levels. Why would any state consider a slogan that even a … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Cursive

I normally pay my bills online, but last year I had to write a paper check the old way.  I almost couldn’t do it because I hadn’t actually written anything for years.  Strange thing to hear from a blog writer, … Continue reading

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Jim MacAlister Died

Jim MacAlister, our Junior year class president, died of cancer on January 17.   His funeral was held at the Lansdowne Presbyterian Church on January 26. Here is a tribute by his grandson, Tyler Woodruff, 4th grade, that describes his … Continue reading

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56 Up

“Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.”   -Jesuit motto 56 Up is the most recent of a series of documentaries that I saw on our PBS channel years ago and remains my … Continue reading

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