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Old Houses

Just off the public areas of Longwood Gardens is Red Lion Row, a street of housing originally constructed for the Longwood workers in the early 1900s and meticulously maintained ever since.  This one had features that instantly produced a flash … Continue reading

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Department Store Photos

This is a photo of my sister taken in 1934, before I was born and in a rental house I never knew.  This is not about nostalgia.  It is about the photographer. The photo is one of the best portraits … Continue reading

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Print Screen

I always thought of myself as pretty computer savvy, but the “Print Screen” key found on every keyboard never worked for me.  Nothing ever happened when I pushed it.  I assumed my computer did not support it. Recently I discovered … Continue reading

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Do Not Try This at Home

As previously noted, my pet peeve is the standard “Do not try” warning below many TV advertisements.  The latest is an ad for Fiat. It shows several cars driving into the sea, one off of a cliff, one from a … Continue reading

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Aspirin Therapy

I routinely take one baby aspirin a day on the recommendation of my doctor.  Aspirin is a well-known blood thinner and many others my age are on a similar regimen to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Now, as reported … Continue reading

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The BBC website follows the style of many newspapers that places only one, sometimes two, sentences in each paragraph. The theory is that people will continue to read an article containing lots of white space. A big block of print … Continue reading

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Bond, . . . James Bond

A recent not-too-serious article on the BBC website compares James Bond’s sex life with the average British male.  Even though this is an obvious part of the media blitz to create buzz for the upcoming movie, I did learn several … Continue reading

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Septuagenarian Hook-Ups

I have many interesting discussions with my senior-center buddy who is just days older than me but twice-divorced and single (see May 8, 2010, posting).  He is so immersed in the singles scene that he misses some things that are … Continue reading

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The Car Seat Gauge

A recent article on the Internet listed several familiar items on cars that will soon be phased out.  Among them are the front bench seat and the shift lever on the steering column.  Both are already rare, so they won’t … Continue reading

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Jehovah’s Witnesses

Yesterday, when my wife and I returned home we found a Watchtower publication at our door and knew that the Jehovah’s Witnesses had been there. Many would laughingly say we were lucky, but I enjoy talking with them.  I am … Continue reading

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