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Life’s Little Problems, One Leg at a Time

Like everyone, I put my pants on one leg a time, standing up. I am left handed, left eared, left eyed, and left legged, so I put my left leg in first. It goes in easily, all the way through. … Continue reading

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Fort Lauderdale

A new website shows a high-definition continuous view of the Fort Lauderdale beach from a camera high up along Route A1A, pointing toward Las Alos Boulevard and the Elbow Room bar made famous by the 1964 movie, “Where the Boys … Continue reading

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Are We Shrinking?

“Taller Than Mom and Dad” by Sue Shellenbarger. The Wall Street Journal, 12/24/2014. In our day, a girl over six feet tall was unusual enough to be ridiculed. They wore ballet flats and low hair styles. They slouched. Now, girls … Continue reading

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New Words

A new word (to me): “merch,” short for “merchandise,” as in, I’m going to the mall to check out the merch. There is no implication of buying anything. That will be done later on Amazon. Another abbreviation used by your … Continue reading

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Paul Tillich

My Irish-descended buddy at our Jewish Community Center once studied for the Catholic priesthood and was a monk for five years. He finds nothing exceptional about this, but others sure do, especially at the JCC. (He eventually became disillusioned by … Continue reading

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YouTube and Vine

“Hollywood and Vine” by Tad Friend”. The New Yorker, 12/15/2014 Go onto YouTube and search for “Charlie bit my finger—again!” It’s a cute video of a toddler, maybe 4 years old, holding his baby brother on his lap. He lets … Continue reading

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

“Everything will be all right in the end. . . . If it is not all right, then it is not yet the end.” From the movie,  said by the young Indian proprietor. Love the thought, especially at my age.  … Continue reading

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