Our LHS Freshman Class, 1951

I still have my sister’s graduation LAHIAN yearbook (1951) when we were just freshmen. Here is how we looked back then, a study in the variability of maturation. (Click a photo to isolate.  Click again to enlarge.)  It was before “Aldan” was added to our school name.

Nancy Leith is standing next to Dan Powell, just as she did 60 years later at several of our mini-reunions in Ocean City.  Rose Buccieri left a nice note for my sister that still survives. Some classmates are missing.  The editors did not mention those who were absent that day of the photo. Janet Morgan is there, but her name was inexplicably left off.  The rows got mixed up, but she is sort of in front of Jack King.  Don Bamford is the one in the last photo standing next to Dottie Dreyer.  These were just the ones I noticed, but I hope this makes up a little for the oversight.

” ‘We’re growing up fast,’ claim frosh,” says the editor.  Who are they quoting? No one I knew ever said that.  Most of us thought we were growing up too slowly, especially with Miss Bender as a teacher.

(Email me if you would like to see other photos from that issue.  I can easily scan and send them to you.)


OP1951 LHS class photo 1 OP1951 LHS Class Photo 2





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