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Classmates meeting Classmates.  Classmates attending Dick Raezer’s funeral were Fred Weinstein, Angelo Micalizzi, Ed Fitzsimmons, and Dick Kitts. Back in June, Ed Hagopian and his wife had a BBQ that included the Macaleers, Kressleys and Weinsteins. Audrey Lewis and Joan … Continue reading

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Armenian Classmates

Recent e-mails with Ed Hagopian got me thinking about our Armenian classmates. I lived in East Lansdowne until finishing the sixth grade and grew up thinking half the world was Armenian.  Only later I realized what a small and unusual … Continue reading

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So Long, Ken Rishel

As information was gathered for our 50th, I was saddened to learn Ken Rishel had died.  I wanted to talk to him. In eighth grade all our classes were together and we became really tight.   Best buds.  Then, as we prepared … Continue reading

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