Classmates meeting Classmates.  Classmates attending Dick Raezer’s funeral were Fred Weinstein, Angelo Micalizzi, Ed Fitzsimmons, and Dick Kitts.

Back in June, Ed Hagopian and his wife had a BBQ that included the Macaleers, Kressleys and Weinsteins.

Audrey Lewis and Joan Maher will be visiting  Gail Bonner in Vermont in August.  (All names used in this blog are as of 1954, no disrespect intended)

Arnett Ware.  I tried a Google search on Arnett Ware, figuring an unusual name like that may turn up.  Sure enough, “Arnett Ware Custer”  was on a list of recent contributors from the U of Penn class of 1958.  Finding a woman’s current name is half the battle and this seems to fit.  Anyone knowing more, e-mail me.  My next step is to try to get the alumni office to give me her address, but with all the concern about privacy, I doubt they will.  I’ll put on my cute little old man act and turn on the charm.  It might work.

Ed Hagopian came across some Xeroxed copies of the Lahian from 1930-1931.  Even back then, the faculty included: Miss McCullough [English], Mr. Epley [Biology], Miss Cook [Latin], Mr. Drake [Social Studies], Miss Hartman [English], Miss Hoopes [French], Mr. Kraber [Business], Mrs. Morris [Math], Miss Stevens [Home-Ec]

In 1931 they added Mr. Thomas Brown [Phys. Ed], A. Todd Coronway [Commercial Geography & Athletics], Mr. Kleckner [Chem & Science], Miss  Charlotte Sheafer [Librarian].

We now have identified everyone we can from the official group photo of our 50th reunion except one who looks so much like my father, its spooky.  E-mail me if you would like an updated copy of Judy Young’s template.

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