Blog Cleanup

When I began this blog ten years ago, it was hosted by Microsoft, the only free service I knew of. Within a year or two, they got out of the web hosting business and transferred everything to WordPress. The format of those early postings was garbled in the transfer, and I always planned to correct them . . . someday. They were still readable, but must have made some readers seasick.  Now they are fixed.

The job was not as tedious as I expected. The garbling resulted from code automatically added to override the standard template into a format they thought I wanted, so the corrections were just a matter of deleting the offending code. I did not have to add anything new. (Only I, as administrator, can change the background code that makes it all happen.)

The job was even interesting. I could see how the blog quickly went from school news to reminiscences, to discussions of current topics as it does today. I enjoyed reading many of the old postings, pleasantly reminded of old times, old thoughtsSometimes we cringe when we read our own writing of years before, but I am surprised how good they are.  They seem to have been written by someone else.  Who was that author?  I’ll try to remember his name.

I also added a new category (bottom of the right-hand column), China, to group together the postings mostly of our China trip that  brings back memories more vivid than a photograph.  I think they are my best writing, but that is just me.

The early photos remain a problem. The transfer process put the images in a separate file and added a table to the posting showing only a thumbnail for the link. However, that separate file no longer exists, and clicking on the thumbnail only leads to a dead-end in the cloud. I still have the photos that I can re-add, but I have to search out each one, and in many cases they are not worth the effort. I plan to fix the important ones someday to wile away the empty hours in a nursing home . . . someday, . . . some . . . day, . . . zzzz.


About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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