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The Unitarian Buddha

Several years ago, the Unitarian church across the street put up this bigger-than-life bronze statue obviously representing Buddha brought into our modern times and culture, which is a worthwhile goal since Buddha, as most often represented, is a concept, not … Continue reading

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The Dharma of Caregiving

“After Death, the Wonderful World Moves On,” by Stephen J. Lyons. The Wall Street Journal, 5/1/2016. The story goes that a Buddhist priest was sitting on a river bank when he noticed a scorpion struggling in the water. He reached … Continue reading

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The Changing Vision of God

“A History of God” by Karen Armstrong. An old college joke: A student prepared for a final exam by gathering his semester notes and condensing them into one page. He took that page and condensed it into one paragraph, then … Continue reading

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Siddhartha and Red Fox/Second Hanging

While in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble recently, I spotted the slim book Siddhartha that brought back memories from long ago.  It was back in the 1960s that Suzy, the slim and pretty red-haired daughter of friends, lent me … Continue reading

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I’m talking about real bliss, not the designer drug. Occasionally over my lifetime, I have experienced brief moments I can only describe as “bliss.”  The feeling is different than just a sense of “life is great” or “things are really … Continue reading

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Images of China

Today we laugh at the stereotype of the Chinese shown in the old Charlie Chan movies.  Yet here is a translation on a stone beside a grassy area in a Xian Buddhist temple that is exactly how the traditional Charley … Continue reading

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