I Didn’t Do It to be Cool: The Lincoln Car Commercial With Matthew McConaughey

“Lincoln Revival: MKC Dances With the Stars” by Dan Neil. The Wall Street Journal, 11/15/2014.

MacDan Neil of The Wall Street Journal is reviewing the Lincoln MKC, categorized as a “premium crossover” (he likes it), but his first part about the commercial is so good, I can’t pass it by.

The Mac (Matthew McConaughey) is driving along a country road in his Lincoln MKC, musing to you, his good friend who pretends to care. The road is typical in car commercials: empty, no gas stations, no other cars—no distractions from the message. We learn, to our surprise, he was always a Lincoln fan.

“Ah been drivin’ Lincolns since long before anybody paid me to drive one,” says McConaughey in a slow, cowboy drawl. “Ah didn’t do it to be cool. Ah didn’t do it to make a statement. . . . Ah jest laked it (glancing in his side mirror for emphasis).”

Whoa, Cowboy. Back up a bit. A Lincoln? Jest what Lincoln where you a-drivin? A Town Car? A Continental Mark II? Was it urine or your pappy’s? I’m a-guessin it was your first ride. Hadda been the reason you liked it so.

Celebrities touting cars is nothing new. We all remember Dinah Shore telling us to see the USA in a Chevrolet. I am movie-impaired, so I had to look up Matthew McConaughey. He has appeared in many movies, none of which I have heard of, let alone see. His early ones were comedies and slasher-movies, but he is moving into more substantial roles in a process dubbed “The McConaissance.”   Whatever, his Lincoln commercial drew me in by his fine acting that will probably define him for a long time to come. No question, he is a great actor. I expect the commercial will become a classic despite its silliness.

(This is his third commercial for Lincoln I have seen. The earlier two are similar and have been widely parodied, especially the first where—I kid you not—he is absentmindedly rolling a booger in his fingers as he stares down a long-horn bull blocking the road.  You can see it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoGGDKV88Fg   Lincoln, Schmincolin, don’t touch the steering wheel after he’s driven it.   I suspect he doesn’t care as he laughs all the way to the bank. Certainly, Lincoln is happy.)



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