Joy Williams

“Unwelcome Guests,” by James Wood. The New Yorker, 8/22/2016.

Joy WilliamsThis New Yorker article reviews the recent new book, “Ninety-nine Stories of God,” by the quirky and cryptic, hilarious author, Joy Williams.

In one quoted passage, a strange, uninvited guest at a wedding is asked to leave. “You’re creeping out the invited guests,” he is told.

Later, the bride said: “We should have let him stay. This is not good. What if he were Jesus or something?”

The divorce cost seventeen times what the wedding had, and the children didn’t turn out all that well either.

James Wood says, “Her fiction is easy to follow and hard to fathom; easy to enjoy and harder to absorb.”

I never heard of her before, but she sounds like my kind of author and my kind of book.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and if it’s not yours, forget it. Barnes & Noble, I’m on my way.

(The New Yorker article was published in 2016, I wrote this posting soon after, and I have not yet gotten to Barnes & Noble, only about a mile away. So much for good intentions.)

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