Senior Dating In a Buick

When my twice-married, twice-divorced buddy at the senior center was still around, I wrote about his descriptions of the dating scene at our age.  But I recently recalled one more item that surprised me.  He told me women wanted to date someone with a nice car. Before they accepted his date invitation, they would ask what car he drove.

“Really?” I replied.  “I am surprised they are so shallow.”  (He drove a rusting-out Chevy S-10 pickup truck, which was a deal-breaker for many women. Didn’t matter how nice a guy he was, but I understood their reluctance. Chevy discontinued making them in 2004.)

Not a late model

Their car of choice, he told me, was a late-model Buick.

A Buick!  That was the real surprise.  If dating a new woman requires me to buy a Buick, I’ll stick with the wife I have. I appreciate her even more, now.

About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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