Updates On Bidets, Jean Shepherd, Gulpsty

I posted my enthusiasm for my new bidet a year ago on July 11, 2010 (Japanese Toilets, American Style).  Since then, my enthusiasm has not abated, but neither has it transferred to friends or family who had the opportunity to try it.  In fact, the silence on the subject has been deafening for reasons I do not understand.  Maybe I am ahead of my time, or perhaps someone has to be married to a nurse for fifty years to be comfortable with the subject.

The Luxe Bidet I got from Amazon is no longer available.  Amazon says the manufacturer recalled it for redesign.  What was wrong that required such drastic action?  What disaster awaits me?

I often quote Jean Shepherd from the weekly rebroadcasts (see 1/22/2007 posting) of his old radio program, but they have recently ended.  They were broadcast from WBAI in New York at 5:15 AM on Tuesday mornings, but I never heard them directly there (5:15 AM!).  The host, Max Schmid, thoughtfully posted them on his web site “FlickLives.com” and I downloaded them from there, but WBAI has dropped the segment, so there are no more available.

The good news is that I have stored on my computer 513 episodes that far exceeds my memory span.  This means I can re-listen to them from the beginning and they will always be brand new to me.

Since they were broadcast one per week, 52 per year, I must have been downloading them for ten years.  I guess that earns me the Brass Figlagee (with bronze oak leaf palm) award as a Jean Shepherd fanatic.

Gary Shillingford has no recollection of the magic elixir Gulpsty (June 20 posting), much less his invention of it, although he is grateful for the credit I gave him.  In fact, I had known this from when I had mentioned it to him a few years ago.  This is just one more example of the mysteries of memory.  To me, Gulpsty was a clear part of childhood and was always his invention.  I do not remember when it first started; it was just there.  Now I am thinking perhaps we did not play with that idea dozens of times as I had thought, but maybe only a few times, or even just once.  That would explain why he does not remember it.  Or maybe it came from Eddie Vetter, another childhood playmate, although that is not my recollection.  Who knows?  At our 50th reunion, I was dumbfounded when Dave Hall had no memory of a very pivotal event concerning another classmate (best left unsaid).


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