Greek Mythology

We chuckle at Greek mythology, asking, “Who could seriously believe that?”  When Arachne claimed to be the best weaver, did Athena really jealously change her into a spider?  Of course not.  The Greeks understood these were only pretty stories created by poets, not divine revelations of priests.  You don’t like that story?  Then make up a better one.

Greek mythology did have one very interesting twist.  The gods, you may recall,  were not just given their ruling power.  They overthrew the Titans to get it, and, someday, another group will likely overthrow them.  They even considered destroying humans because we, too, could become a future threat. 

But the gods reconsidered.  They realized without humans, they themselves would no longer exist—no humans, no gods.

So, if there were no humans, would God exist?  Don’t be too quick to answer.  There would be no sin, no redemption, no evil to be punished nor piety to be rewarded.  Certainly no Satan.  No prayers, no worship, no praise, no miracles.  No holy scripture.  No sacraments.  No heavenly mansions to be prepared.  No choirs welcoming the soul once lost, now found. Would not God the Creator be simply Mother Nature watching passively as her laws unfailingly play out? 

Pray not for help, oh wildebeest of the savanna.  No one is listening.
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