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Lansdowne High School, Graduating Class of 1920

This is the full Lansdowne High School graduating class of 1920, all holding their brand new diplomas.  (Click to enlarge.)  The first rows are neatly arranged boy-girl, boy-girl, ankles crossed left-over-right (some guys never learn left from right) and the … Continue reading

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Genealogical Asterisks

Growing up in East Lansdowne, my sister and I were often cared for by our great aunt, a spinster who lived just around the corner with my grandparents.  She was the one who was always our babysitter, who gave us … Continue reading

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My use of the word “vaccinated” in a previous posting led me to think about my own vaccination mark which I haven’t noticed for years.  The vaccination protected against smallpox which was declared eradicated in 1977, so we who have … Continue reading

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