More Rowing

Following up on the previous blog, in 1958 Jerry Jerome’s rowing led to the best sports triumph I have ever witnessed.

In the Middle States Regatta on a warm afternoon on the Schuylkill (as I remember it) both Jerry and Paul Grexa first won as teammates in a four for the Penn AC boat club.  Jerry was also rowing with others in a junior eight for the Penn AC, and they had to stay juniors until they won in an official regatta.  That day they did win and became instant intermediate oarsmen. The intermediate race was later in the afternoon, so they rowed back upstream and won that race, too.  That made them senior oarsmen, so they rowed back again and competed in the senior race.  They did respectably, but missed first place.  It had to end somewhere.

Sure, it wasn’t the Olympics, it wasn’t Mohammed Ali beating Sonny Liston.  It wasn’t even Lansdowne beating Upper Darby in football (if that ever happened) but for any part-time amateur athlete, it was a great day that most only dream of.  As I count it, Jerry rowed up and down the Schuylkill eight times.

The history of the Penn AC, including the results of this regatta, was an early entry onto the Internet, and both Jerry and Paul were the first names to turn up on a web search.  (This was well before Google became a verb.  Gopher was the main search engine then.)

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