Our Tenth Year Reunion

Nancy Musser’s cornucopia of high school memorabilia continues to gush forth.  She recently sent me a copy of the booklet of our tenth year reunion held at the Media Inn on October 3, 1964.  Both she and husband Jim were on the committee.  The booklet lists the submitted information on all members of our class, even those of us who did not attend.

In those ten short years after graduation our class had scattered like shrapnel from an explosion.  And not only in a geographical sense, but also in our choice of careers and interests.  We seemed to be such a uniform group.  Who knew we were so diversified?  The years of our twenties are obviously crucial in determining the rest of our lives, and I am concerned when I read of so many today at that age who are unemployed and living in their parent’s basement.

But philosophical musings aside, the lists are very valuable in finding missing classmates, particularly the girls who marry and change names.  Nancy’s lists show their names as of 1964, and, of course, they could have married several more times, but at least it is a beginning.  And, in 1964, their addresses were probably not their last.  Here are a few of the missing classmates and where they were then.  I just picked a few that I had wondered about, but let me know if you are interested in learning about anyone else.

Bruce and Ed Bishop, pleasant, good-looking sister and brother twins from Pensacola who joined us for our senior year.  In 1964, Bruce is a graduate of William and Mary and is Mrs. Joe Bacheller with two children in Tiburon, California.  Ed has a service address at the Naval Air Station in Memphis, TN.

Pat Brown, popular leader of the DE class.  In 1964, she is Mrs. Marvin Leonard in Brookhaven, PA.

Pat Mason.  One of the smarter ones in some of my classes who went on to DE.  She became Mrs. Robert Fullmer in Drexel Hill.

Kathrine Tashjian, a memorable girl I knew from East Lansdowne grade school.  (Who could forget her?  See posting of 7/12/05.)  Mrs. Pat Patterson, Clifton Heights

Peggy Nock, a pretty, outgoing girl who came from Washington, DC, in our senior year and joined just about every activity our school offered.  Mrs Richard Uhleman, with two children, in Edinboro, PA

Julia Novielli, an East Lansdowne grade school classmate.  She and Fred Weinstein were the acknowledged “smart kids” in every class.  Became Mrs. Carmen Lenzi, two children, East Lansdowne.  When I looked up Eddie Vetter about five years ago, he mentioned Julia still lived in East Lansdowne, but didn’t know the exact house number.

Ed Scott.  No relation to Bill Scott.  Ed moved to East Lansdowne, I would guess about in the fourth grade.  His parents were old-school Italian and his name then was Socetti.  (Pronounced so-KET-ee.  I am probably butchering the spelling.)  Later, it was Scotti, and this is how it is spelled in the 1964 Reunion Booklet.  Let me know if anyone else remembers him.  He was living on Wildwood Avenue in East Lansdowne.

Marion Overcash.  My third grade crush, but I was just one of many.  Mrs Leon Phillips, in East Bangor, PA


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