Real People, Not Actors

If I were an actor, I would complain to my union, maybe even sue.  Many commercials this year, not just Chevy, show group interviews that begin with, “Real people, not actors!”  Actors are not real people?  Suppose they said, “Real people, not blacks!” or, “Real people, not women!”  There would be riots in the streets.

As a consumer, I would prefer to see the disclaimer, “No compensation given for clips used,” or, “Comments selected from hours of recording, and not necessarily in the context shown.” Perhaps we do not see those disclaimers because they are not true.

One guy on a Chevy commercial is shown on his knees kissing the bumper of a Silverado truck.  He should have gotten paid plenty for that jackass stunt.  Did they promise him the truck to do it?  (Gather ’round the TV, kids.  We’re showing when Grandpa in his younger years kissed a bumper on a commercial!)

I was recently chosen for a small part in a Longwood Gardens video for the volunteers.  They videotaped me being interviewed for about 15 minutes, but they did not use any of that.  They used the video of me walking away and my comments when I did not even know I was being filmed.  But the final result was terrific.  They knew what they were doing way better than me.

And I did not have to kiss anything.

(To find the appropriate photo to accompany this posting, I would have to watch too many Chevy commercials.  It was bad enough the first time.)


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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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