Itinerary For the Washington, DC, Senior Class Trip, April, 1954

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Thanks to Nancy Leith Musser of our class who kept this typed itinerary of our senior class trip as shown above on the masthead of this blog. Thanks to me, too, for laboriously retyping it. I had this copy for several years, and just recently re-discovered it.  There is also a commercially printed version, so this may have been the typed copy that was submitted for typesetting.  I wanted to preserve it just as it was originally written. I assume each of us who signed up for the trip (not all of us went) got a copy, but Nancy kept hers for all these years. Thanks, Nancy.

(See posting “Washington, DC, Trip Details,” August 14, 2007. I believe our photo, shown above on the masthead, was taken on the second morning, right after breakfast.)



First Day–Monday, April 26

Leave Lansdowne High School at 6:45 a.m. by chartered bus for Chester Station of the Pennsylvania Railroad, where we will board our train for Baltimore.

Leave Chester, Pa. 7:29 a.m. Arrive at Baltimore 8:30 a.m.

On arrival at Baltimore, buses of Monumental Motor Tours, Inc., will meet the party for trip to Annapolis, the Capital of Maryland, where we will visit the Naval Academy buildings and grounds.

Leaving Annapolis at 11:30 a.m., we enjoy the Maryland countryside en route to Washington, where we will stop at the Investment Cafeteria for lunch. Upon completion of lunch we will again board the buses and go to the Nation’s Capitol where guides will take us to see paintings, statues of famous men, and visit the House of Representatives and Senate. If in session, we will have a few minutes to sit in the galleries.

When we leave the Capitol, the party will break up into two groups. You can chose a visit to the National Gallery of Art, or the Smithsonian Institute. At 4:30 we will board our buses for the Hotel Ebbitt, our home in Washington. The Ebbitt Hotel is located at Tenth and H Streets, N.W.

After dinner we will again organize into four groups to take a general tour, go to Glen Echo Park, skate or swim. If it rains the group going to the park will go to the Movie. After our evening’s enjoyment, we will reassemble at the Lotus Club, where we will enjoy food, dancing, and entertainment.

Second Day–Tuesday, April 27

Breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will board buses at 8:30 for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for a guided tour to see the actual printing and engraving of national paper currency, bonds, and stamps.

We then go by bus to the Washington Monument for a superb view of the city and its surrounding country from the platform at the top of the Monument. From the Monument we will take buses to the White House and Washington Cathedral. We will leave the White House in time to return to the Hotel Ebbitt for lunch.

At 1:30 p.m. we again board our buses with our luggage for a tour to Arlington and Mount Vernon. Our trip will proceed through old Georgetown, Unknown Soldier, then we proceed through Alexandria to Mount Vernon, where we will enjoy a leisurely visit. Returning we will, if time permits, visit the Washington Airport and the Lincoln Memorial. From here we proceed to the Union Station in Washington.

The train will leave at 7:00 p.m. with our reserved coaches and dinner will be served en route. Party will depart from the train at Chester for transfer to Lansdowne by Chartered buses.

It is suggested that this itinerary be kept by the student for use on the trip. Members of the party will carry lunch on the first day. Avoid rich sandwiches or other indigestible food.

Your baggare [sic] will not be available the first day until we reach the Hotel. All girls are urged to wear flat-heeled shoes the first day. (This is a must).   Another suggestion–a light top coat or raincoat will come in handy on the trip.


[This begins the second sheet that spells out the rules. It seems to have been written, or at least typed, by someone else. —RW]

A faculty-student committee consisting of Bill Dickson, Dick Benham, Pat Brown, Miss Hart, and Mr. Freeman will hear all cases of infraction of the rules or unmannerly conduct. They will determine the guilt and seriousness of the offense and recommend action by the principal, who will have the final decision in the matter.

The student committee has set up the following rules for the trip.

  1. All members of the party are to accompany the party at all times.
  2. Should other members of the class or school come to Washington, they will not be allowed to associate with members of the party.
  3. Pupils will not be allowed to leave the party to visit friends or relatives in Washington, nor will pupils “pick up” friends on the trip.
  4. No one will leave the hotel without permission.
  5. Pupils may smoke only in trains, buses. hotel rooms, and in private dining rooms, providing they have their parents’ permission.
  6. Beverages containing alcohol must not be used, or purchased and no one is to be involved with them in any way.
  7. Pupils are to be prompt at all times, but especially (a.) at mealtimes, and (b) when buses are leaving.
  8. Reasonable amount of quiet is required at night. Pupils are to be in their own room at one o’clock and are to remain quietly there during the night.
  9. The pupil responsible (first one on room list) will get the key. The door is to be kept locked at all times. Pupils in the room will be responsible for all equipment in the room and for any damage that might occur.
  10. All bags are to be tagged with the pupil’s name and address. Tags for this purpose will be furnished.


Miss Sarah Adams
Mrs. Ester Morris
Miss Mimi Hart
Mrs. Janet Felter
Mr. Lawrence Richards
Mr. Joseph D. Moore



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