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Itinerary For the Washington, DC, Senior Class Trip, April, 1954

                  Thanks to Nancy Leith Musser of our class who kept this typed itinerary of our senior class trip as shown above on the masthead of this blog. Thanks to me, too, … Continue reading

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Helicopter Money

Soon after the financial collapse in 2008, the federal government’s policy was to kick-start the recovery by pumping money into the economy by any means possible. There was even the frivolous suggestion of printing money and throwing it out of … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Hype

I have never gone to a Super Bowl party at anyone’s house. I have never sat on someone’s sofa with my buddies watching the Super Bowl on a really, really big-screen TV. Nobody served me Buffalo wings, and beer, and … Continue reading

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Obituary Photos

I recently came across this obituary photo in our local newspaper that got my attention. I did not know her, but she struck me as extraordinarily pretty and someone I would have liked to have known. Her hairstyle was a … Continue reading

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More On Montaigne

“Mixed Up,” by Adam Gopnik. The New Yorker, 1/16/2016. Gopnik’s article gives many facts and insights into the life of Michael Montaigne, the 16th century writer credited with inventing the essay, and is well worth reading in its entirety, but … Continue reading

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