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A word to the wise:  When you raise the flag each morning, as I do, take a moment to look up.  It is very easy to reverse the clips so the flag flies upside-down, and the neighbors think you are … Continue reading

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The World’s Dirtiest Joke

Many years ago, probably on an HBO special, a black comedian told what he claimed to be the world’s dirtiest joke. He dragged it out through his entire performance with many digressions, but when he finally delivered the punch line … Continue reading

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The New Burlesque

“Take It Off” by Joan Acocella.  The New Yorker, May 13, 2013 I have long been nostalgic for the old burle-Q days at Philadelphia’s Troc (see posting of 10/31/2007), even respectfully removing my hat as I pass by the old … Continue reading

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