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Our Fiftieth Reunion

Our Fiftieth reunion is more than ten years past, so it should now be safe to tell you how it went.  I will leave out the names. I don’t want to get sued, and neither do I want to cause … Continue reading

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Beaches, Early Morning, and Exercise

What is it about a beach, especially an early-morning beach, that draws ordinary people to exercise as if they are Rocky Balboa preparing for a championship match?  If they are, they have a long road ahead. Many mornings I start … Continue reading

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Gay Talese’s Latest

“The Voyeur’s Motel,” by Gay Talese. The New Yorker, 4/11/2016. Gay Talese is probably today’s best writer that you’ve never heard of. He writes non-fiction. Readers of non-fiction are drawn to the topic and rarely notice who wrote it, but … Continue reading

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Class Division On the Ocean City Boardwalk

Now that I can watch webcams on the Ocean City boardwalk anytime of the day or night, I can analyze the people, and they are just not as interesting as I remember. Certainly the girls are not as hot.  Their … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming

“Sharpen Your Dream Skills—Tips For Lucid Dreaming” by Shirley S. Wang. The Wall Street Journal, 8/12/2014 “Lucid dreaming” is a new term, but an old concept. It means a dream where you realize you are dreaming, and was first mentioned … Continue reading

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Chatterbox For Sale

Thanks to Nancy Musser for passing along an article from The Press of Atlantic City that says Ocean City’s iconic, pink Chatterbox restaurant is up for sale. Marie Repici, its 82-year-old owner, understandably has had enough.  Its estimated value is … Continue reading

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On the Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City has long supplemented their budget by attaching memorial plaques to their boardwalk benches.  You may have noticed some at our 50th.  Here are three I photographed a few days ago.  I have no idea who these people are.  … Continue reading

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