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Baldness and Food Emulsifiers

I began my long-term employment with Atlas Chemical in Wilmington, DE, back in 1960. They manufactured “specialty chemicals,” that includes food emulsifiers, those products among the other mysterious ingredients listed in fine print on processed food labels. You can think … Continue reading

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Last Words

I recently came across this photo of the library staff at Atlas Chemical from 1975. The company had already become ICI Americas in 1971. The photo is actually a Xerox copy that poorly reproduced the mid-tones, but was only meant … Continue reading

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The British Roundel Takeover

In 1912, DuPont was declared a monopoly in the production of explosives and was forced to spin off Atlas Powder and Hercules Power companies. What I had always thought had been a traumatic breakup was barely a blip on the … Continue reading

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My Obituary

No, no, I did not die!  Not even close.  But I did write my obituary—be prepared and all that—for future use.  My survivors only have to email it off to the newspapers, if there still are such things.  I hope … Continue reading

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