W. C. Fields

I am a big fan of W. C. Fields (William Claude Dukenfield; his friends called him “Bill.”) and I will watch any of his films I can, no matter how familiar they are, especially since he kicked Baby LeRoy (1932–1951) who played an undisciplined brat (The Old Fashioned Way, 1934). Anybody that un-politically-correct is too unpredictable to miss, even a second or third time.

In one of his movies, a man dismisses the W. C. Fields character with the comment, “Aw, you’re drunk.”

The Fields character replies, “I may be drunk, but I’ll be sober by tomorrow. You’re stupid and you’ll be stupid all your life.”

Of course, the unsung writer gets credit for the line, but Fields pulled it off. From all I read, Fields in real life was much like the characters he played. This was one of the greatest put-downs of all time.


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