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New Yorker cartoon, 12/30/1972: Two housewives are talking over a breakfast table. One says to the other, “And didn’t you love Rinso White, Rinso Bright, Happy Little Washday Song? They don’t write them like that anymore.” (This was in 1972.) … Continue reading

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The Grandparent Scam

I find this scam so obvious, so well-known, I wouldn’t even write about it, but my kind-hearted wife was ready to fall for it, so I thought there are still some who need to be warned. Just Google “grandparent scam” … Continue reading

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Getting Through Winter

For about 30 years, I walked to work everyday in all conditions, so the weather was important to me. I coped with winter by setting milestones. (I hated an early snowfall. It thawed and refroze on the streets in slippery, … Continue reading

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Thick Noodle

This is a family soup recipe that has become a staple for me, although we never called it “soup” because it was so thick. It was always called simply “thick noodle,” meaning the end product, not the noodles. You could … Continue reading

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Modern China

“Delivering Modernity,” by Jiayang Fan. The New Yorker, 7/23/2018. This is still another example of an article I initially passed by, but later found informative. The article was illustrated by a full-page drawing of a drone, and I had already … Continue reading

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Vocabulary: Sobriquet

(Vocabulary postings are words or phrases I recently came across in reading, did not fully understand, looked up, and discovered something new.) Sobriquet: It’s French, and we pronounce it sort of like SOBER-kay here in Delaware. We rarely use it. … Continue reading

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