My WaterPik (Water Flosser)


I have a new goal in my remaining life, a new entry on my bucket list. I want to learn to use my WaterPik without getting water all over myself, the walls, and even the ceiling out in the hall. It seems possible.

Costco had them on sale, and my son had good things to say about his. I asked my dentist and she said it was useful for those who don’t floss (that’s me).

You first fill the open reservoir with water (The photo shows a cover. but I leave mine off. The entire reservoir lifts off for filling.), then set the pulse for the highest you can stand (1 to 10, mine is at 6). I was surprised how strong the pulse could be. So far, it is not squirting all over the room. You then place the wand in your mouth and slide a second switch on the wand to release the water. This is the tricky step. You need to tilt your head to the side and open your mouth a little so the water drains into the basin (you have to do all of this over the bathroom sink). The water and the loosened junk drains into the sink. If you started on the inside of your mouth, you then have to switch to the outside and do between your teeth and cheek. Do all of this on both sides of your mouth. Somewhere in this process, you will probably forget and take the wand out of your mouth without turning it off and spray yourself and everywhere else in the bathroom.

If all this sounds like too much thought, it is a lot, but it is much more fun than flossing. I have trouble with strands of chicken caught between my teeth from the Chinese restaurant, and the WaterPik knocks those right out.

I use the WaterPik any time of the day I think of it, and far more than I ever flossed, but I am not yet fully competent and often end up with a soaked shirt. But my mouth feels clean at the end, and I want to become better. And I can already see improvement with experience. (My WaterPik came with a smaller version for traveling—two for one. I don’t expect to travel anymore, but it is good to have a backup.)

The WaterPik is very well designed, and you can tell someone worked hard to get it right.

When next summer rolls around, I want to take my WaterPik outside and see how far it squirts. Maybe I can use it to chase squirrels and floss at the same time.

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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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