“Parenting lessons from Pooh: Spend time with kids,” by Julia Beck. The Wilmington News-Journal, 10/17/2017. (Reprinted from The Washington Post.)

The headline says it all. You can skip the article itself.

And I already knew this. Years ago, I attended the funeral of the grandfather of an in-law family. The grandchildren, about in their early teens at the time, spoke at the service, and I was surprised at how emotional they were over his death that was well anticipated.

He was an ordinary guy with no outstanding qualities or accomplishments. I thought he was closed-minded and pedantic (he had been a schoolteacher). He had no hobbies, other than occasionally fishing at Ocean City, NJ. He was not inquisitive, did not seek out new ideas.  He was very religious and was closed to any other view but his own.  After his wife died, he formed no other relationships with a woman.

But he spent a lot of time with his grandchildren. He did not take them on expensive trips or give them expensive gifts. He gave of himself, and, in the end, I learned from him. You do not need outstanding qualities, you do not need to spend a lot of money on your grandchildren. Just give of your time. They may not show it, but do appreciate it, deep down, and you will shape their lives.


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