Suspenders Redux

I am still working out the details of wearing suspenders, and, its true, the devil is in the details. I was volunteering at Longwood Gardens recently, and was hoping to get advice from some Amish guys, but the intense heat kept everyone away, even the Amish from Lancaster.

The big problem is finding the compromise between long-term comfort and short-term speed in undressing when nature calls. The compromise is different for everyone. It is not a question of the suspenders themselves, but what goes on top of what, and what gets tucked in and what is left untucked.

My brother-in-law has been wearing suspenders for years now, and I was talking with him recently. He wears both a belt and suspenders, clipping the suspenders to the belt. I am trying that technique, but I am not sure it is the best for me. The leather belt does give a solid, secure place to clip on the suspenders, and the real support comes from the belt loops on the pants, as is familiar, but I don’t need all of that security. Maybe a thinner belt would work better.

And, ladies, this pertains to you, too. Pants (slacks) are increasingly worn by women, and I have seen many who need suspenders, although none yet who wear them. With suspenders, the tops of the pants can be loose, allowing more ventilation and less chafing in hot weather, but too loose and you will look like a burlesque comedian. I see many women’s slacks are made of stretch fabric, and this is good, but what happens when the stretch is gone? Or, is that no longer a problem?

I think with woman, suspenders advertise that you no longer have a waist.  Men can claim they never had one, and no one cares.

So far, I have found no obvious improvements, but this is still a work-in-progress, and I will keep you informed of my findings.

The other day at a party (probably my last), a skinny guy about my age stood up from the table, reached over for a plate . . . and his pants fell down! I tried to make light of it by saying he should wear suspenders like me, but he was too embarrassed and ignored me. But this shows I am on the right track. Suspenders are not for everyone, but are for many.


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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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