Kind Employees At Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is not all fountains and flowers.  It also has many good employees, and here are some examples:

All volunteers wear name badges while they are working, The badges have our first name, “VOLUNTEER” in big letters, and the Longwood roundel. Wearing them becomes routine.

But at our last shift, I forgot mine for the first time, and, once I realized I did not have it, felt naked without it. I went upstairs to the offices, hoping to find someone with a generic volunteer badge that would do in a pinch, but I could find no one. I was met by a very young, very pretty girl intern (all pre-menopausal women are pretty girls to me) who listened sympathetically and would try and find something. She must have been wearing a badge of her own, but I did not remember it, so I cannot give her proper credit.

Before my shift was over, she approached me with a new badge, with my name taped on, that was better than my old one. Very kind and thoughtful, and I don’t even know her name.

There is a website,, where employees can anonymously post the pros and cons of working at their company. (Once there, click on Company Reviews. The site mainly posts job offerings.)

Of course, I searched Longwood Gardens. The reviews were similar and said how great the company was to work for . . . except the salary stunk. (This was good news to me as a visitor, not a job seeker.) Almost all would recommend the company to a friend.

Last year, I had left my car lights on, and by the end of my shift the battery was completely dead. I went back inside and asked a young male employee if there was a phone I could use to call my wife to come get me. He said that Security could give me a jump start, and that he would call them on his radio (Kind Employee #1). I should wait by my car. It may take them a half hour to show up if their mobile battery needed charging.

As I was waiting in the parking lot, a young guy stopped who was leaving work (Kind Employee #2). He said he was in the IT Department and would wait with me until Security showed up. If there was any problem, we could push the car to a nearby slope that I could coast down to start it. But Security did show up (Kind Employees #3 and #4), started my car with a charged battery, he left, Security left, and I left. I was so happy to get going, I did not think to get anyone’s name. But thanks, everyone. This is the best I can do, now. I hope I thanked you enough at the time.

None of these people had to do what they did. Whether they ignored me or gave me the help they did would not appear on their performance review, would not raise their salary or professional status one iota.  Yet they did, freely and without thought.


About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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