Janelle Monae and Her Grammy Speech

I turned off the Grammy Awards program somewhere midway though Janelle Monae’s speech, not because I was offended, but because I had heard much like it before. Someone who has become famous by their artistic ability or just because they are pretty, now thinks they also have superior insights that gives them the responsibility to lecture to the rest of us unaware slobs who have over 3x their life experience.

Turning off the Grammy’s was not a big sacrifice. I did not know who these people were (not even Janelle) or any of their accomplishments. I did not like their music.  I admit this is my shortcoming, not theirs, but the fact remains.

I wish them well (even Janelle), and I am not mad at any of them. But I have too little time to listen to pontifications from anyone that young who thinks they know it all. It must be an age thing. I was no different when I was Janelle’s age.

(I did notice that Janelle’s legs were disproportionately long for the rest of her body, not obvious in this photo, but I know it is an illusion and how it was contrived. Her pants were hemmed at floor level and obviously hid very high heels and perhaps platforms. The baggy pants helped hide the extension, but it was obvious on other photos. This is someone I should seriously listen to? Even I would be over 7 feet wearing shoes like that. But if she lives as long as I have, she will someday look back and laugh at herself.)

To end on a positive note, I thought she was extremely pretty and I loved the pants suit and her black tie and her slicked, bleached hair. She pulled it all together.  I just wish she was not so patronizing.


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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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