Weather Forecasting By Flag

I put up a flag every morning that I can see from the window next to my computer where I spend a significant part of every day. My initial idea was to put up a weather vane, but I could not find a suitable one, so I put up a flag instead. I’m glad I did. I always liked flags, particularly the American flag. Passersby often ask if I had been in the military. No, I tell them. I just like flags.

I put up the flag every morning and take it down every night.  I don’t mind this daily chore.  It bookends my day, and I would step outside at those times, anyway, just to sample the day.

For many years I worked with a guy who was in the military.  His pet peeve was every local fire station who flew the flag at half-staff whenever they pleased, whenever they thought they had a reason, such as when an over-weight former chief died of a heart attack in a local bar. My friend claimed only the President could declare the flags be flown at half-staff, and then it was mandatory for all of the flags.  It was not a local decision.  (He seemed to know what he was talking about.)

Once the leaves are down, I will be able to see a flag flying over a business on Concord Pike. Two are better than one.  Longwood Gardens has a flag flying near the tour bus parking area.  I think I have photographed that more than any flower or tree.  There is also a flag flying over the fire house by the entrance on Baltimore Pike. That’s not strictly part of Longwood Gardens, but that fire house was also started and paid for by Pierre du Pont.

I am surprised how accurately the wind direction forecasts the weather. If the wind is from the north, it will be cold, south, it will be warm. East, it will be wet, and west, variable, maybe wet, maybe not.  Even if I have the forecast from my computer, the wind direction tells me precisely when it applies to my location.

(My computer now runs on Windows 10 that comes with a built-in weather site. All I need to do is click to bring up a complete hourly forecast, with wind direction, humidity, radar maps and all. Very convenient, but often wrong! This surprised me because I thought they all used the same data from the weather bureau. I think they do, but they interpret it differently. or are far more accurate. My flag, even better.)

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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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