Feet Almighty — And Still Growing

Our feet keep growing as we age. I was always a size 9 through high school, college, and many years after. Then I found 9 ½ to be more comfortable. More recently, I went to a 10, and now even that is too small. I need to go to a 10 ½ or an 11. Will it ever stop? Will my shoes someday fit Shaquille O’Niel?  No and Yes.

How could this be? Everywhere else on me seems to be shrinking. I understand as we age, the plantar fascia, that large, flat tendon that covers the bottom of our foot, relaxes and spreads out, making our feet both longer and wider.

Back in grade school days, my mother took me to a special shoe store to get especially narrow (expensive) shoes. Those days are gone. For awhile, I was happy that standard, average-width shoes fit, but I’ve gone past that point.

The lesson is don’t buy high-quality shoes, expecting them to be worth the expense in the long run. There will be no long run. If they fit now, they won’t later.  I wish someone told me this earlier, so I am telling you now. I have a pair of almost-new LL Bean waterproof shoes that I will have to donate or give away to someone younger.



About Roger Walck

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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