Peggy Lipton, Quincy Jones, and Rashida Jones

“‘Twin Peaks’ celebrates the inventive, bizarre,” by Frazier Moore, Associated Press.  The  News-Journal (Wilmington), 5/20/2017.

Peggy Lipton today

Actress Peggy Lipton has many fans who remember her from her earlier days as the ingenue member of The Mod Squad.

I learned of this when I published a post on Rashida Jones,  also an actress, and the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones.  Rashida Jones caught my attention as a pretty actress when she appeared in a Verizon Fios commercial, but she is becoming better known in the title role of the TV comedy-police series Angie Tribeca, that was created by Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy.  (Rashida Jones had played a character, a femme  fetale, in the TV series The Office that starred Carell).  Originally, I only mentioned Peggy in passing as being Rashida’s mother, but many of her fans took note.

Peggy Lipton has been resuming her acting career and currently

Peggy Lipton in Twin Peaks

Peggy Lipton (right) In Twin Peaks

appears in the TV revision of the popular series, Twin Peaks that started on 5/21 (Showtime).

I wish them all good luck and encourage them to visit Longwood Gardens someday.  You, too.  Stop in the House, and I’ll tell you about Pierre.


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