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(Search for AtTheShore within this blog to see the many previous postings.) now has 76 live webcams along the Ocean City, NJ, boardwalk.  The latest additions cover the noticeable gap at the Music Pier.  One of the new views of the Music Pier is a 3/4 view of the north side showing the men’s room where my father and I so often stopped on the evenings of our family vacations in the 1940s and afterwards.

They may have some problems with this, however.  It is a side door, and a surprising number of men are still zipping up as they walk out.  How did they wash their hands? You don’t want to know.

This is where the stalls once had a nickel slot mechanism on each door to open.  It was in one of these stalls where I once saw written on the wall, “Here I sit, broken-hearted.  Paid a nickel and only farted.”  That little ditty has become a tradition in my own family, and I often use the opening words when waiting in traffic or in a restaurant.  Here I sit, broken-hearted.  The unsaid second line is understood.

Throughout the winter, I could follow the rebuilding of the boardwalk on the website—first the demolition, then the construction.  It was a monumental task that went surprisingly quickly using  prefabricated sections.  They completely tore out the old structure right down to the sand, concrete piers and all.  Two new pavilions on the ocean side went up in only a few days.

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