Ford’s Matchmaker Commercials

The woman “matchmaker” being featured in Ford commercials is another actress getting attention, but I am not sure it is her or the little tricks devised by the director.

She projects an image of over-the-top perkiness and positive attitude.  She is a woman who appears to be in her 30s with short-cropped black, no-nonsense hair. She is wearing a simple blouse and dark slacks.  Her shoes are flat pumps, not heels.  And, of course, a big smile—always a big smile.

In the first commercial, she is seen entering a showroom floor with a customer, a black guy who is exclaiming what a great salesperson she is.  She tells us she is the matchmaker whose job is to match the customer’s wants with the perfect model of Ford. (Anyone who can’t sell a Ford to a black guy isn’t trying.)

His wants are trivial, no mention of the cost of the car, fuel economy, or reliability. As they part company, she reaches out with her one foot and swings it around, spinning on the other foot, and strides off.  Nice touch.  It adds to her whole persona of active perkiness, and I plan to use it myself as a volunteer at Longwood Gardens.  Certainly she is not the typical car salesman waiting for a customer in his cubicle, leaning back in his chair and staring at the ceiling.

In the second commercial, she is talking with a young black woman, again explaining her role as the matchmaker and both agreeing what a great job she is doing.  This time as they part company, she explains to the customer how she can always be reached online, but she says this with a slight lean backwards and a dip. Again, a nice touch that conveys energy and perkiness.

Who thought this up? The actress or the director?

Megan Messmer

The fictional character she plays is “Kim,” but her real name is Megan Messmer, very pretty and smarter than you might think. She is 33, married, and was president of her high school senior class and valedictorian of her college.  Brains run in her family.  She has two brothers with medical degrees and a sister with a PhD.  She says she is considered the hippie of her family.

She grew up in Midland, MI, but now operates out of Los Angles and Atlanta.  She is so much like the part she plays, she isn’t doing much acting.  I like her so much more just knowing this.  A really smart, perky woman is much more appealing than an actress pretending to be smart and perky.   I hope Ford notices this.

I retract my initial skepticism.

She was once an actual contestant on The Price Is Right and won!, but lost in the showcase showdown, whatever that is.

She says she was flipping houses to supplement the meager income from her acting career, but I suspect that has already changed.  Actors who star in TV commercials become famous fast.  She, herself, doesn’t even have cable.

Apparently, Ford runs a similar commercial in Australia with a different matchmaker. Matchmaker, schmatchmaker, who cares?  I like them all, especially Megan.  I kid you not.

(By-the-way, the photo above was professionally done.  You can tell because her eyes are emphasized.  Professionals use a small, special light, called a “catch light,” that creates those tiny highlights in the pupil.  Amateurs rarely do this.)


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7 Responses to Ford’s Matchmaker Commercials

  1. Jason pennington says:

    She acts “SOFTER” in the new commercials. Initially she was like a stuck up, know it all saying ” that’s right, that’s why I’M THE MATCHMAKER” with NO SMILE. Kinda like my poop don’t stink, cocky & aloof. But now she’s all soft & smiley with kids! Good job commercial guys making that fix

  2. Ken Paul says:

    I agree, this young lady does the best job and any viewer who fails to connect “Kim” with Ford has to be lying or doesn’t have a pulse! She is, as she states on camera, “smart, etc”! Whatever she earns is not enough. (Being a GM person my whole life, I’ve often remarked “you can relate to Kim at Ford” or the GM commercial where people are reading awards on a big screen??? BORING!

  3. Sheila Vauter says:

    Just saw third Ford commercial with “Kim”. She is the most irritating woman on TV because of her over the top cutsy, perky way. Each commercial gets worse but I guess Ford is selling cars so I’ll have to revert to putting my TV on mute when she’s on.

    • Lorelei says:

      My God, she is annoying as hell. That stupid little ‘pivot’ she does and overly perky little hop. She’s weird. Plain and simple. Get a grip. There is not going to be another “Flo” anytime soon. Flo is still the queen of funny and talent, and not annoying, at least not in my opinion.

  4. Bob and Leah Marino says:

    Megan, you are Americas sweetheart especially in these times of national distress. My wife and I wish you and your family the very best.

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