Viberzi Commercial With Irritabelle

I am in love.  At my age, and happily married for over 50 years, I am in love with the irritable bowel lady in the Viberzi commercial.

An ordinary woman is shown living a seemingly ordinary life, but she is always accompanied by this mischievous irritable bowel lady (right) who jumps around in a beige stretch suit, ready to give her trouble at any time—not cancer-serious trouble, just uncomfortable, embarrassing trouble.

Forget the ordinary woman, it’s the irritable bowel lady that infatuates me.  So pretty, so spontaneous, so alive, so expressive—everything I am not.

Ilana Becker

The actress is  Ilana Becker.  A perfect name for her—too perfect, perhaps.  I suspect it is a stage name, and her real name is something like “Josephine Scumbowitz.”  Doesn’t really matter.  I’m in love.

She steals the whole commercial, which probably is not good for the sponsor.  I had no idea what they were selling.  I only remembered Ilana. Her character has a name: “Irritabelle,” although I only learned this from the Internet, not the commercial.

All I could find on her was that she was a guest on 69 episodes of Girl Code from 2013 to 2015.  I loved Girl Code and posted a blog on it back in 2013, but I do not remember her. I hope by next year the Internet will be full of information on her. I hope to see snide comments about her on TMZ (and I’m not even a lawyer). I hope she will not be able to walk down a New York street without passers-by clutching their guts and running to a bathroom (good luck in finding one!)

(I cannot watch the old Girl Code shows because the MTV site requires me to give them my email password, which I am unwilling to do.  Do they think I am that stupid?)

An ad agency website has more clips of Irritabelle.  They joke, “Take a bowel, Ilana Becker!” as well they should.  She takes an unpromising idea and makes it work, in her own way.


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