The Continuing Legacy of John Raskob

“Comment,” by Harry Themal. The News-Journal, 1/15/2016. (Harry Themal is a long-time, respected journalist in the Wilmington, DE, area. He is now retired, but still contributes a weekly column.)

John Raskob was hired just out of high school by Pierre S. du Pont, founder of Longwood Gardens. They formed a strong father-son relationship, and, together, they grew into strong financers. Rascob became the Treasurer at the DuPont Company and General Motors under Pierre, and eventually built the Empire State Building. He became chairman of the Democratic Party, and was active in Catholic charities.

His first mansion, Archmere, was on the Delaware River in Claymont, DE. That part of the river later became too commercial, and he moved to Pioneer Point on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. His old mansion in Claymont is now a respected private school, Archmere Academy.

His mansion at Pioneer Point was bought by the Soviets in 1972, and was one of the Russian facilities recently forced to close by the Obama Administration.


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