Ocean City Boardwalk Replacement

boardwalk-repairThis Internet view of the Ocean City boardwalk at 9th Street, looking toward the Music Pier is usually full of people, runners, cyclists, and families out for a stroll. Now, it is empty and barely recognizable. No people, none at all. The benches are gone, the railing is gone, and even the lamp posts are gone. In the distance is an excavator sitting on the boards near the Music Pier.

The entire boardwalk is being redone, one portion at a time. Right now, they are working on the section between 8th and 10th Streets, and that is blocked off to pedestrians. Sure enough, I could see in a morning shot the normal number of people walking along the beach, I assume detoured around that section.

The work is described elsewhere on the Internet (google “Ocean City boardwalk project”). They are tearing off the boards, rebuilding the concrete supports underneath, and replacing the boards with new ones. The new boards will be 3-inches thick, approximately twice the thickness of the old boards. (Apparently, the boards rest on wooden joists that sit on the concrete piers.  I will look the next time I am there.) Work began on this section October 11, and is expected to be complete by December 31, 2016. The entire project is expected to be completed by March, 2017. Sections of the decking are being assembled off-site and will be lowered into place by a crane.

New pavilions on the ocean side at 6th, 7th, 8th 9th, and 10th Streets are in the planning stage and their construction could begin during the 2016–2017 off-season (which is now).

I expect to watch the progress on AtTheShore.com/livecams, at my front-row seat, 9th Street and Boardwalk, looking north and south.


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