Lahian Photo, 1951


Here is another photo from my sister’s 1951 Lahian showing several of our classmates. Fred Albee is giving a presentation with a tape recorder that was cutting-edge technology then. (Our East Lansdowne neighbor had a wire recorder that preceded the tape recorder.) Almost hidden by the lid is Ralph Russo. Seated behind him is Wanda Anderson and Bill Hayes. Next to Ralph is Bill Macaleer and behind him, Jay Fliegelman and Jerry Jerome. The girl in front of Ralph Russo is identified as “D. Lancaster” who I do not remember.  The girl by the door is not identified.  Jay Fliegelman moved away sometime over the next four years, but was popular while he was with us.

Notice how independently we dressed: Bill Macaleer in a patterned sweater, Jay Fliegelman in short sleeves, and Jerry Jerome in long sleeves and a tie.

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