Ed Hagopian

ed-hagopianHere is a mature photo of our classmate, Ed Hagopian, who had a successful career in music alone and now (or at least until recently) performs locally with his wife, Rene Goodwin. Their website is http://gh-entertainment.com/ed.htm where you can read all about him and also see more information and photos of Rene. A normal Google search is difficult because it seems everyone in the world named Hagopian, male or female, is musical.

Ed is one of the few classmates who has gotten better looking with age.  He looks good in a tux.

(I don’t know how current this information still is.  Many Internet searches now dredge up outdated information that lives on forever in cyberspace.  The last date I saw on Ed’s website was 2005, and that’s more than ten years ago.  Our lives can change quickly at our age. We should be grateful for the good times, and Ed certainly had many good times.)

trip-2For comparison, here is an earlier candid photo of Ed at our high school class trip to Washington, DC, the same trip as shown in the masthead above. The photo (by Juliet Calabro who must have been sitting on the grass), shows Ed Henrie, Ed Hagopian, Phil Herr, and Gwen Gentile.  (I often wear a similar cap, today.)



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