Returning to With a New IP

AtTheShore 3On the posting of May 25, 2015, I described a new website that had many cameras available all along the Ocean City, NJ, boardwalk. I continued to go to this site frequently to watch the live videos, usually for only a few minutes at a time, until at the beginning of the summer, I suddenly could not see any of them. After about a minute of blank-screen searching, an error message would come up saying that it could find nothing on the server.

After much diddling around. I found they had blocked me for being too much of a fan. They had permanently blocked anyone using more than 15GB in any month.

If you go to their site and click on “Terms of Use” and scroll down to item 50, it will tell you this, your IP address, and if you are blocked or not (most of the other numbered sections are for businesses wanting to use the site).

Your IP address is a number that identifies your computer connection to the Internet. It is assigned by your Internet provider, in my case, Verizon. It all works in the background, so you can go an entire lifetime unaware you even have such a number. You can find yours by simply searching for “IP” on Google. If you have several computers using the same Internet account, they all have the same number. If you connect to the Internet through someone else’s provider (like when visiting a family member) their number will be used to identify you. The number does not refer to a specific person, or even a specific computer. It is the connection.

So, tells me my IP address is blocked. Could I get a new number that would not be blocked? Yes, and for me, this was very easy. All I needed to do was unplug my router, then plug it back in, and—Voila!—Verizon assigned my connection a new number, and I could again see the boardwalk cameras. Nothing else has changed. I still have the same cookies, cached pages, and favorites list. My email address is the same.

Some people unplug their router every night for security, so every day they have a new IP address, with no bad effects.

That’s how Verizon does it. Your Internet provider may do it differently, but they are the ones who have to make the change. You cannot assign it yourself. I left my router unplugged overnight, but this may have been longer than necessary. is obviously a work in progress. My impression—and this is only my impression—is that there is one very smart computer guy who is doing it all, working like a maniac keeping it afloat, but he is spread too thin. Certainly any business would want to keep viewers like me by telling me what is going on and what I can do. As for this 15GB limit, I have no idea how much watching time this means, another thing I should know, and what my total is for the month. I had no idea it mattered. Occasionally, I would leave it running while I did something else, but I can change that.

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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.
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